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More than 10.000 options to find the perfect club.

Only the best for our club-heads. Shafts and grips from the top brands.

Successful golfing with perfectly fitted clubs

Optimize your game through perfect fitted golf-clubs by Geotech. Only clubs that match your style of play can guarantee you best results. You don't need to waste your time on thinking about the ideal club, instead you can purely focus on the perfect swing. Golf-Clubs should suit you and not the other way round.

Tour players only play their round of golf with custom made clubs. Even rookies progress much quicker with prefect fitted components.

Our club-heads can be matched with several shafts & grips of the top-manufacturers.

Take a visit to our fitting-headquarters to get personal advice.


Clubfixx, Am Golfplatz 1, Neuss


Your local clubfitter will guide you to the right equipment. To assemble the perfect club for you, your clubfitter will analyze the following data:
– physique & body height
– finger-to-floor distance
– hand size
– swingspeed
– loft and lie angle adjustment
your game will improve significant.



Our Company looks back on a long history. In 1973 our parent company Dynamic Precision Industry Corp. started the production of golf club heads. The first models were cast irons, followed by the first 2-piece hollow body stainless steel wood heads in 1981. When Nick Faldo won his first masters ever in 1989 the Japanese/Taiwanese club head brand "Geotech" was introduced to the european market. A carbon graphite golf shaft line was introduced in 1992. Furthermore the first Titanium wood heads were built in 1995. Bit by bit Geotech established themselves on the European market. Today we supply customers all over Europe with perfect fitted clubs from our headquarters in Kaarst-Buettgen (Germany).